40 tips cheap traveling bus van

40 tips for cheap traveling

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are 40 tips that can allow you to save while traveling.

1. Travel in a group

Traveling in a larger group bringing down the cost of fuel, accommodation and food. Very often you can get a better deal on tickets in different places.

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2. Travel by own car

While traveling with your own car you can take more hardware, which makes it easier to travel. Car can also function as a bedroom and kitchen.

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3. Travel in low season

Prices are much lower, no crowds and the weather is often even better (especially if you care for sightseeing, not laing on the beach).

4. Eat in places for locals.

…so in places that are not on the main roads, do not have signs in English and where locals can be seen – the prices are much lower there because they are not geared towards tourists, and the food is often even better.

5. Shopping in cheap supermarkets

Buying food and other products in the stores for a longer period of time (preferably for several people) allow you to save a lot.

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6. Take a stove

To low the costs of food.

7. Remote work

Change work on remote work – then you can work while traveling. Additionally, working remotely make possible to live in a country which is cheaper than that in which you earn – eg., earning remotely in the US can afford to swanky life in Poland and earning in Poland can afford swanky life, eg. in Thailand or in Vietnam.

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8. Sell photos

There is a lot of  website like istockphoto where you can sell your photos from the trip and make money and earn money for next journey (money for the 1 picture are not big but one picture can buy even a few thousand people).

9. Casual work on the road

For longer journeys it is a good idea to take a break for work in the countries where you currently are. Especially you can earn a lot of money on seasonal work on farms, orchards and plantations. Very often there is no problem getting such work “informally”.

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10. Hitchhike

Thanks to hitchhiking you do not pay for transport and in addition you can meet very interesting people.

11. Bottle with filter

Bottle with carbon filter is a great idea  – you can drink the tap water or even out of the pool because it filters all dangerous things. You save on buying mineral water – especially during a long trip it gives you a pretty good amount. The filter should be changed once every few months for 6-10$.

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12. Tarp – waterproof tent

If your tent is not super waterproof, you can upgrade it by getting a simple waterproof tarpaulin for a few dolars in supermarket.

13. Can stove

Instead of buying a tourist stove you can build your own using a beer can :) Tutorial >>

14. Yacht hitch-hiking

It is a yacht hitch-hiking –  the way you can traverse the oceans for free. Yachts seeking the crew can be found eg. here http://www.findacrew.net/ /

15. Sell souvenirs

You can earn and consequently – reduce travel costs by selling exotic souvenirs. Eg. handicrafts from Africa in Poland you can sell several times more expensive.

16. Renting small cars

When renting a car, always book them in advance via the Internet and always take the smallest car from the airport. When you arrive, small car almost never is available (because locals people usually rent small cars). Then the car rental service must give you more expensive and better car. If, however, they will have little one, then you can always pay extra for a larger one.

17. Discount coupons from the Internet

Before you book something, you should look for internet coupons. Very often, you can save  50% or even more.

18. Sponsors

Eg. suggest to department of promotion in your town, that in exchange for a few hundred dollars of funding, you can make a series of travel lecture in local schools after returning.

19. Do not let them rob you

Always find out about thefts and another dangerous things in places you are going to. Eg. in Barcelona always park on the guarded parking, do not leave anything valuable in the car and watch your backpack. Just a moment of inattention and you can be robbed. Pickpockets in large cities are very quick. Especially incrowded places like subway – they stand around plates “beware of pickpockets” very often because when tourists see such a sign, they touch their wallet or phone.

Keep cash in several places, and make limits on cards. The best way is to keep most of the money in your account without card, and do from time to time transfer via the Internet these money from that account to account with card 😉

20. Campervan relocations

Car rentals, often need to transport cars between some distant cities. And this is great opportunity for you to take a ride by that car or camper for free – to return this car (and have a nice trip) :)

For example in Australia: http://www.coseats.com/campervan_relocation

21. Couchsurfing

Use couchsurfing – this is a portal where people can overnight you for free on the couch or even show you the city.

22. Airbnb – cheap accommodation from private owners

Very nice portal and application to rent a houses and apartments from private owners all over the world – nice prices, often several times cheaper than a hotel room.

And if you open an account through our link you will get about 30$  (link here >> – a one second thing, you do not have to book anything yet, you get a 30$ and it is waiting for your first trip to use).

23. Accommodation in the wild

In the car, in a tent or under the open sky – on beaches, in the beautiful national parks or in abandoned buildings.

24. Free campsites

In some countries such as Australia, New Zealand or USA there are free campsites and often they have specific applications, such as WikiCamps, where you can find a free campsites. Often they have bathrooms, showers, barbecues and even sometimes the Internet!

25. Free attractions

Use free attractions such as free museums or attractions associated with nature. A lot of interesting things can be seen for free – trekking through the national park, visiting the city, some matches and concerts. Very often in many places there are “happy hours” – it is good to check it out on the internet.

26. Read travel blogs about cheap traveling

Like our blog is a blog where you will find a lot of tips for cheap travel 😉

27. Use the apps for travelers

Most of them are free and you can find there information often better then in a guidebook. We recommend Triposo or Tripadvisor.

28. Showers on the stations

They are often free or there is a fee 1-2$

29. Or you can buy electric shower

We use electric shower and a 2-second shower tent. Shower plugs into the 12V in car, one end is inserted into the tank with water on the roof of the car and the other end hangs in the shower tent and we have free shower. Tanks with water are heating during the day :)

30. Buy SIM cards in the country you visit

For example, in the US, for $ 30 you buy a SIM card with unlimited internet and calls for a month. Much cheaper than using Polish number.

31. Read books about cheap traveling

Because you can learn many wise things from someone else’s experience. 

32. Use Skype

You can call to your family from the road, using eg. free internet in McDonald’s.

33. Don’t buy guidebooks

 It is cheaper to use free or really cheap applications or e-books.

34. Blablacar

This is next portal which make your travel-life easier :) Here you join to private ride in the same direction you want to go. The only thing you have to do is give a few dollars on fuel. And this is much cheaper than a train or bus and it’s comfort. And this is much safer then hitch-hiking! And if you’re going by car, you can take passengers who will pay for the fuel.

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35. Make an insurance card

It’s very important to make an insurance card. The cheapest option is to make it when you are a student but if you are not a student, you can also make it by the student association like ISIC and it is very cheap all over the world.

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36. Use the tourist information

Every city has it, they are often also in national parks. You can get free maps and use the internet. They also have showers :)

37. Free Internet in McDonald.

At McDonald’s, KFC and other best known companies there is free wifi + computer socket for charging. The internet is also on some stations or in some supermarkets.

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38. Travel by bike

…because it’s healthy and free :)

39. Cheap flights

Following portals like Fly4free you can catch great bargains and you can save a lot of money on flights. There are even flying on a few pounds. You can also use the following Flights page setting how and where you want to go.

40. Buy a tent and sleeping bag.

… to sleep in the wild or at campsites, which are cheaper than hotels. And then you have a billion stars hotel, not only 3 or 4, or even 5 😉

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Do you have any ideas for cheap traveling? If so, extend them in the comments 😉

With love,


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  • Vincent Galiano

    Just discovering your blog. Love it!!! Great work, valuable informations…

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    Trip by bus, definitely the most advantagous means of transport when travelling in a group, the more people there are the less you have to pay indiividually :) plus it is good for the environment because it would take several cars to transport everyone in the group and you can go almost anywhere (it takes longer of course, but you gotta be patient and will always get to your destination), especially in Europe, as far as I know, the region is generally very well served and the offer is varied according to ones needs. Once hired a bus in Germany in a city I never thought would be served with https://www.agtbusvermietung.de/en/ caus everybody know the main cities but when you feel like escaping the usual, you can actually go almost everywhere :)

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    In my view, Travelling by bus is quite entertaining. If you are travelling to new place, it is quite impressive to be in the window seat of Bus and exploring the place.
    We should keep these tips in Mind. What to do on road trip which may cost low but will be worth of remembering.

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